Historical Section : Static Snapshots

The Historical Section includes all traces that are older than 10 years.

Static Snapshots are traces taken statically of a file system rather than of system calls.

The following traces are free to download under the terms of the SNIA Trace Data Files Download License. Please note that cookies must be enabled within your browser in order to download traces.
For questions about downloading using a shell script, see Using Shell Scripts, and for more information about downloading using a Windows batch script, see Using Batch Scripts.

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Trace Name Details Actions
Several scans of 857 file systems at Microsoft Scans vary with respect to hash type, block size and contents of metadata. Long Description
Multimedia file sizes
File-size data collected on various OSes, including measurements of multimedia files. Long Description
Microsoft Longitudinal Study
The raw data used for the FAST 2007 paper "A Five Year Study Of File System Metadata" by Nitin Agarwal, William J. Bolosky, John R. Douceur, and Jacob R. Lorch. There are five years worth of snapshot data, for years from 2000 to 2004. Long Description
Microsoft 1998 Static Study
Static snapshot of 4800 PCs at Microsoft. Long Description

Displaying all 4 Traces

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